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    Traxxas E-Revo Brushless 5608 + Lipos, ICharger and tons of extras!!!

    I have for sale a Traxxas E-Revo with the Mamba Monster Motor and ESC. This rc costs 800+ new! Its a BLAST to drive. Speeds of up to 65mph! This is COMPLETE. EVERYTHING you need to get on the road plus more!! RTR

    It will come with:
    - 4 Lipo Batteries!!!! All 3s (2x Orion 4500maH and 2x 5000maH) Always properly balanced (Expensive)
    - ICharger 106B and power supply (114.99)
    - EPBuddy Paraboard (25.95) (Allows you to balance charge multiple batteries)
    - Wheels: 4 Proline Road Rage on Proline Tech 5 rims (89.99), Stock Talons, etc...
    - Newest Traxxas TQI Radio and Reciever! 2.4Ghz
    - RC Solutions Roll Cage (BRAND NEW!! 64.99)
    - Lots of Extras
    - Stock body included

    This RC car is awesome. You will really enjoy it.

    Buy out is set at 750. This is MY personal RC. Next owner will be very happy!

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