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    N.O.S. Sledgehammer Parts?

    Anyone find a site (besides ebay) selling N.O.S. Sledgehammer parts? Looking to get mine back up and running after all these years. Need Front A-arm and shock set, and what motor limits did they recommend? I was thinking 15-turn
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    im confident the gearbox can handle most anything as long as you keep wear to a minimum the biggest issue is finding a motor with the oomph to push the truck around and do it at more than the speed of slow and not cook.

    need the molded black parts to have a reliable car. i haven't had too many white parts that stood the test of time or anything less than perfect safe driving.

    oh and with strictly stock parts the only real answer is ebay and b/s/t sections
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    I have only been able to find the white sledgehammer parts on e-bay,and they can be $$$,I am trying to do the same thing,fix the things I tore up as a kid!Good luck and post some pics!

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