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    Spur Gear for Traxxas Summit

    Looks like most of us are using our summits on similar terrain, so what is everyone using?
    How good is the stock spur?
    What do you guys think about the steel ones?

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    I'm using a 62T. It's easier to get off and on than the stock 68T. The 62T was all my LHS had when my stock one got chewed up. I got a smaller pinion to gear back down to where I was.

    That 68T is tricky to get off. Feels like your gonna break somethin... but it is a great spur otherwise.

    I don't think the steel ones are necessary. The plastic ones are so inexpensive. I think I spent $3 on mine. I have heard steel spur and steel pinion will wear out faster than plastic spur and steel pinion. Call me crazy, but I think I read that on here a while back. One guy is using a 72T spur and a 8T pinion for "maximum torque", then again I have heard of guys using 24/54 for speed runs with time to cool off in between.
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    Yup... steel spurs require hardened pinions; and those are expensive.
    There is no need to get a steel spur gear... the plastic one is more than up to the task.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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