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    The importance of wheel balancing

    All I can say is wow. I purchased my XO-1 about a week ago and when I throttled up just a hair to check the drivetrain, it about beat itself to death. Particularly in the front. After much research, I came across several threads mentioning balancing was one of the first things you should do and now I know why. Long story short, I used Wilson Ultra golf head lead tape from Academy Sports and I have to say it works great. Just be sure to clean the inside of the rim where you are going to stick it. I used 91% rubbing alcohol. The frugal part of me did not want to buy a balancer so I used the rear hub and carrier method mentioned somewhere around here and it worked for my purposes. I had never balanced an r/c wheel in my life, never saw the need until now. All I can say is do it! It works!
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