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    Question Steering servo glitch

    A while back I put my T-Maxx in my car after running it, and the power switch accidentally got switched on....the front wheels were jammed against the seat or the servo was constantly trying to center itself. Probably was on like this for 20 min.

    Ever since then my servo seems to work fine when driving - but when the truck is at a stand still and I turn the wheel on my controller, nothing happens - the servo doesn't turn. But it will if I give the wheels a push to get it started - then as long as I keep the servo going back and forth it will be OK - but if I let it stop, it won't start again until I push the wheels to get it going.

    So it seems to work fine as long as its moving or getting feedback from the wheels, which is why it seems to work OK when driving.

    I'm just worried it will glitch on me while driving some day and I'll crash big time!

    I took the servo apart and inspected everything, all looks fine, no broken or stripped gears.


    1. Should I worry about this?

    2. Any thoughts on what I might be able to do to fix this?

    BTW its an Airtronics 94358


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    I can understand that the servo only works when the truck is in motion, but will it turn the wheels when it is unloaded, in other words, when the wheels are up in the air?

    It seems like a given that the gears would be OK, since it is still functioning lock to lock. You more than likely might have damaged the electrical components in some way that the unit is not able to produce the torque it would be able to if it were new.

    Also, a loaded servo, especially for 20 minutes, can cause the batteries to drain and can produce the symptoms you are describing. If you can rule out the power source and can pinpoint the servo as the culprit, I would replace it.

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    +1 on what he said. You could also have created a burnt spot on the armature of the motor inside the servo. Like when your blower motor in your car will not work, but you hit the housing or turn it a little by hand it will spin. I would also try and swap the servos on the rec and see if the problem follows. That back feed could have caused a problem with the rec, however unlikely that seems. It would be worth a try.
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    Hey thanks for the replies!

    Yes, the servo will turn the wheels when the truck is held up in the air - but only if I give the wheels a push to get them started, and then keep them moving - if I let the servo stop, then its stuck again.

    Power supply is fine, I put in the ballistic batteries set up since the initial incident. Think I replaced the Receiver since then, but good suggestion to rule that out for sure.

    But I bet your'e both right that I damaged the electrical components, like the burnt spot on the armature westoakmech suggested. That sounds pretty likely. But I'll test out the Rec to make sure. Thanks!

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