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    Thumbs up "brushless newbie" E-revo Build Advice

    hello Traxxas Forum

    Pardon the long post but considering this is my first post for this truck and that its a new build - i figure details might help

    not new to Radio control but new to battery power - had a 3.3 revo few years back and lost my location to run it so it was passed on to my god-child, when i owned that truck i had a excellent hobby shop and an excellent "mechanic" (Riders Hobby - Canton Mi .... and Al if your out there - thanks for passing on some of the knowledge)

    So i am now "attempting" to build a brushless revo based on some of the things i was taught (by al and by paying attn to this forum) but i could use some advice (please and thank you)

    i am doing this build in pieces with the hope to have it ready for spring -

    I have a "roller chassis" and i have gone with the Castle Creation's Mamba Monster Brushless System - i also have gone with the "Summit" axles change (traxxas #5607/5656) (suspension -- a spring change, Rocker arms 2 (90mm) and push rod progressive #3 -- traxxas #5318 and #5133) and the TVR chassis bracing with RPM arms and the auto camber rears

    that is currently what i have completed -

    now i have been doing some "on-line window" shopping for radios and considering i have never used a radio besides "RTR" radios ....i am asking for some guidance in this area ... i really dont have a price point for this but i am of the thought that "money can be better spent" -- I figure $200.00 to $250

    I am also requesting help in the servo department considering this is the first time i have ever had the need to buy such things- now from things i have read ..... some say one decent servo ...others have said 2 decent servos due to the fact that is the way the truck was designed - advice on brand, type strength and single vs duel would be appreciated

    (for the record and future reference its going to be a 50/50 split drive time between concrete (now have a 1/4 mile driveway ... and in the process of designing a grass track with low impact jumps (nothing above 30in) for the 2 acre side lot and i am planning on running 2 2S battery packs for at least the "season")

    i mention the above "drive type" statement cause i am always open to advice for things i might not be thinking about or considering

    please know that your advice on the radio and servos and anything else you might want to throw my way is greatly appreciated and respected -and thank you for sticking with me thru this extended post
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