I'm coming back from a 6 year rest from RC, and when I left the Ni-mh was the norm, brushless was something new and on the fringe, and I'd not heard of Lipo packs or cells for RC.

Now, Ni-mh is considered antiquated junk and brushless is at least equal in popularity to the legacy brushed motors, and Lipo batteries are the industry standard.

I see some batteries listed as LiFe out there, but only a few and they are not practical for a primary power source for a 4x4 due to what I'm seeing as limited capacity. I've only seen 2800 mah at the large end, too small for most guys who enjoy the extended run times of the current large capacity Lipo packs.

Do you think that the LiFe packs will grow in capacity while providing a less volatile pack than the Lipo (regarding more resistant to smoking, swelling or popping), or will some other technology take over and replace both Lipo and LiFe packs?

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