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    Questions about charging my first 2S (traxxas) batteries with my iCharger 206b

    I've only charged 1S small helicopter batteries with my iCharger 206b this far and just got to 2S traxxas batteries in the mail today for my merv and mini-summit. Here we go:

    1) I usually charge my little heli batteries at 1c, so 0.3 for a 300mah battery say. I know I choose 2 cell and I connect the balance plug, but what charge rate should I pick. I don't have the charger in front of me to try it so I may be skipping something, but I don't want to mess anything up.

    2) it's ok to run the batteries down until I notice it slowing/stopping right? Do I need to use to use the charger to put this in storage mode every time when I'm finished if I use them once a week or so? Pick 2 cell and storage and it does the rest right (just connect both plugs).

    3) coming from NIMH, do i have to change any settings on the car to run lipo, i'll dig up the manual but i think so right?

    What else should I be asking?

    Thanks a bunch!!

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