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Thread: nimh to lipo

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    nimh to lipo

    even though I don't care for the special attention a lipo needs,(the reason I have not switched yet),it's time to try them out.I am also putting a castle 3800 4-pole and a mmp esc in my rustler at the same time.I can't decide whether to get 2s or 3s packs.I was not satisfied with the vilenium system and 7 cell nimh's.i'm also adding an alum. tranny.I dont care about parts breaking because I can upgrade anything that breaks.2s packs are available in much higher mah levels and cost less.I dont care about going real fast,mostly looking for gobs of power in the mid rpm range.will a 2s and castle 3800 give me the boost I'm looking for over the 3500 vilenium and 7 cell nimh or should I spend the money and go
    3s?I also dont want any motor cogging issues,that is also why I am concerned about 2s,help,help.
    anyone have an extra truck,I broke mine again

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    Cogging and voltage have very very little to do with each other. Cogging occurs when the ESC does not know where the rotor is on the motor, so it starts randomly firing until the motor starts moving. Then it can tell where the rotor is due to magnetic feedback and start firing the proper sequence.

    Once you are used to LiPo, they do not require that much more care than NiMh.

    Speed = voltage.

    7 cells NiMh is 10.5 volts, roughly. Usually more like 8.4 under load.
    2 cells LiPo is 8.4 volts. Usually more like 7.4 under load.

    7 cell NiMh and 2 cell LiPo are very comparable in top end speed. But, with LiPo... you will get up to that speed faster due to the superior amperage availability.

    Since you are using a similar Kv motor, I suggest going up to 3S. That will bump under load voltage up to around 11.1 volts... so you will have faster top end and faster acceleration.
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    Basicly Nimh Are more heavy which affect accelaration a bit. And Lighter is better
    Lipos have the same voltage, but they keep that voltage more constantly.
    I suggest a hardcase if you are afraid of damaging them.

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