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    What it takes to produce my own aftermarket parts???

    Hello everyone, this is a question i wanted to ask for a long time now.
    What do i actually need to produce my own aftermarket parts? lets say an aluminium erevo bulkhead.

    This is something i have been dreaming from the day i got into this make my moneys living by producing parts for rc cars but i do not really know what i require for this task, i guess if i actually did knew then i would realise that i could never do it, but who knows i am still 25

    I have been searching around the internet for CNC machines to try and understand what type of a machine or machines is up to the task and my main question is....can i do this with a single CNC machine or do i need several machines because from what i understand these days there are certain machines that can actually carry several tasks which in the past would require several machines.

    Please have a look on the link below and let me know if these machines can actually produce a part such as an erevo bulkhead without the need of any other machine.

    I know my question can only be answered by certain people but i dont really know who to ask for this therefore i decided to post it here and other forums.

    Thank you.
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