This title helped me get my slash 4x4 together and Im in the market for another Summit so lets start. I wont go into detail like my slash 4x4 thread but to sum it up back in the summer my house was broken into and all my rc stuff was gone along with other valuables. I just got back into the hobby for the 3rd time and im wanting another Summit. Here is what I want. I like to put it in low gear every once in a while and crawl around or pull smaller stuff. I want brushless power if possible. My last summit I ran a CC 2200 and mamba monster in it. I love the speed of that on 4s and 6s but it was a bit glitchy in low gear and not smooth like the stock 775. Is there a motor out there im guessing I need sensored that is smooth like the 775 but as fast at the cc 2200? Money isn't that much of a problem. I will be running the CC Mamba Monster 2 esc as well. Thats what I put in my slash 4x4 and I love it. Waterproof motor would be nice as well but not a deal breaker if its not. All I need to know from you all is what motor I should use???

Here is my setup.

Thunder power 2x 2s and Thunder power 2x 3s with the Mamba Monster V2 ESC and Trencher X tires of course!