New to this one, but far from new from Tmaxx's. Everything has changed though since I had one last. I had one of the original's heavily modified nearly a decade ago. It's been a while since I've been into bashing/rc, so found one cheap on craigslist that needed quite a bit of work. He had an emaxx also, so there is kind of a mix of parts here (like black front skid, but gray rear).

I believe it's a 2.5, "wide", not the extended chassis? Claims to have the FOC conversion installed (I also ripped out the servo). I replaced the rear bulkheads, put in new hingepins, and purchased a screw kit for it (many semi-stripped). I also fixed a bad bearing in the rear and put bearings in the steering. The motor is "new" according to the old owner and badly out of tune.

A new servo for steering is definitely on the list of upgrades, probably a higher flow air filter too. Can you identify what I have and what I might wish to upgrade? The stock drive shafts appear to be slightly twisted, so I probably will want to upgrade those to something else?

Here was my old racing one back in 2002 I won't be doing this again, as my new one is just a basher for the kids and I.