I'm using an Onyx 245 charger with my new Traxxas Lipo batteries. I'm not planning to run the truck for a week, so I plugged them in to the charger and balance boards and charged them to 7.7v or 3.85 per cell. I turned the charge cycle off and observed the batteries begin to drop voltage. They were creeping down. I unplugged them and plan to plug them in tomorrow to check the voltage level after resting over night.

Is it normal to see the voltage drop immediately after cutting the charge cycle at 3.85 volts per cell?

I'm really thinking about just dumping all of my chargers and going with a higher dollar charger like that 4X I've been drooling over at the local hobby shop!

This is my current mess, I have many ni-mh and only the 2 Lipo batteries currently, but I think I'll transition over to the Traxxas 6700 mah 2S packs for my E-Maxx and summit. The run time is exceptional!

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