I'm on an upgrade path over the next couple months to move to lipos; my set of NiMh batteries just died, and I don't feel like pouring more money into them. (I'm going to do the same on my emaxx, and my heli's already run lipo, so there's a broader plan here)

Month 1 = charger (looking at a PL8 or iCharger; comments welcome)
Month 2 = power supply
Month 3 = ESC
Month 4 = lipos
Month 5 = summer time

My summit still has the older EVX2 without the low voltage detect, and I'm running a 775. Might go brushless sometime, but more likely stick with a Dewalt. I'm not into racing, just mostly backyard running with my son.

Any suggestions for a mid-range ESC? or should I just get a low voltage detect module