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    well........ i broke my qr1

    well i got a qr1 about a month ago and within maybe 3 day i crashed it. The motor shaft poped the bottom of the motor out and i tried to push it back in and that didnt work so i put it back in the box and thats where its been for the past month lol. any idea on what i should do?

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    Call Traxxas

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    Quote Originally Posted by D'reng View Post
    Call Traxxas
    +1 that's why you bought a Traxxas... Best Customer Service you can get from any RC company..
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    I spent What??

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    @StingTNA, buy a replacement motor and splice it in. You'll save a ton of money (vs sending it in), especially if you buy a 3rd party motor.

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    Same thing happened to me. Traxxas wanted $10 to fix the unit, but said they would send me a motor for free.
    I had them send a motor and I soldered it in.

    FYI the new motors come with a black plastic cap that removes the space between the motor top and blade.
    I emailed Traxxas back and asked them to send me 3 more spacers since my unit does not have them.

    We will see what they say.

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