After realizing that this is a pretty dead section of these forums, perhaps this isn't the best idea. Anyways, I have a question for all of you boat people out there. I recently acquired a Villain IV from someone. The condition that I found it in was absolutely stinky. After some work done on it though, it is looking much nicer. However, one problem remains. The paint scheme is horrible. I'm not sure what it is painted with exactly. It wouldn't look too bad if it weren't so sloppy. Needless to say, I would like to paint it to my own preference.
My question is this: what is the best way to strip the old paint off and what is the best new paint to use? Also, when this guy painted it, he got an annoying amount of paint on the bottom of the hull. I would like to get that off and leave the hull clean-looking again. Is there any way to buff and repaint to get that nice glossy look again? Thanks in advance for all the help.