I am looking to get started using lipo batteries and I need to buy a charger. So, my question is: which one do I get that will give me the features I want and is above all DURABLE?

the batteries I will be purchasing (once I figure out a charger) are 2s 5800mah batteries.

the features I NEED;
-ability to charge at 5.8 or 6 amps
-balancing function
-discharge function
-ability to charge 2 at a time

the features I WANT;
-storage function
-ability to tell it how much to charge the cells to (not really a big consideration)
-dual power capable (i.e. will run off of a car batt or an ac plug at home)
-built in power supply
-ability to charge 3s lipos

I'm hoping not to spend over $275 on batts and a charger, so I'm looking for the best bang for my buck. the batts I'm getting are $40 ea. so I'm looking for a REALLY GOOD charger for under $195

Any advice appreciated!

Thanks in advance!