Ok, I have been in rc for quite some time now and I have finally reached a breaking point on tools. Theres nothing more that bothers me than cranking down on a screw and stripping the allen wrench Im using. I used t handle wrenches but the ones I have need cut off and ground flat every job I did with them. (dont buy harbor freight tools .) I had a dynamite set that used long rod style double headed pieces that fit into the screwdriver style handle, however the driver handle doest accept the rods anymore. The factory bend allens are fine in a pinch but really arent ideal.

So my question is what are the best allen wrench sets out there? I am tired of stripped wrenches.
Ill need both standard and metric sets as I own other models than traxxas.

Also, what do you feel is the best battery drill out there. easy to use and best battery life..

I understand you get what you pay for, so if the best is to get snap-on then I will.

I appreciate your input guys.