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    EZ Starter spinning in reverse

    Hi, I have had a look around this forum for answers to my problem but have not had any luck.... to cut a long story short I am totally new to nitro, I have an electric Rustler and I am now a confused owner of a "nitro" rustler.... it has the EZ start system and when I first attempted to start my rustler I noticed that the starter was spinning but not the engine...... so I searched for answers and many ppl seem to place the blame for this problem on the one way bearing.... take it out, check it over, clean it, clean shaft and re install..... I did this but still no fix, the manual says the bearing should turn the shaft and motor clockwise and spin freely anti clockwise, in my case the EZ start was just spinning anti clockwise? So I switched the connectors on the electric EZ start motor on the car and it now spins clockwise and turns the motor over... when I use the wand I am attaching it with the lights facing up, so after screwing around with just trying to get the engine to crank over for a few hours I was left very confused.... at least the engine is cranking now, my next problem is with the glo plugs? what is the go with these crazy little plugs? I have like burnt out 4 already and the car is yet to start? when I went to test to see if the plugs were lighting up by cranking over the ez start with the glo plug out touching the engine cooling fins, all the plugs started to glo for a split second then appear to burn out immediately? almost as if they were getting too much power into them? I really don't understand whats happening - I bought 2 brand new plugs (os 8's mediums) and they did the same thing? and my final problem is that I can not see the fuel moving at all in the fuel line? I have read the manual and followed instructions about this but still no joy? any help would be greatly appreciated - this Nitro car makes my electric cars look sooo easy!
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