I have a mostly stock brushless E-Revo that's been pretty reliable up until this point. After a mild bashing session, I put it away in (still) good working order and didn't touch it for about a month. I tried to take it out today and the dang radio wouldn't link up. I have a red flashing light on the transmitter, which, according the manual, means it's in binding mode. It could also possibly indicate a low battery, but fresh batteries don't resolve it, and it's probably not fast enough to indicate a link failure/error. (But really, how many mere mortals can reliably distinguish the difference in duration between 1/2 second, 1/4 second, and 1/8 second flashes? Not exactly the best indicator system, but I digress.) Regardless, the rate of flashing is the same as when I manually enter binding mode by holding the set button while turning on the transmitter.

I can't imagine any good reason for why I'd need to re-bind my radio, but I tried it, and lo and behold, it works! ...temporarily. If I turn the receiver off and back on again, it'll continue to work, but if I turn off the transmitter, it'll forget the binding and I'll have to re-bind again. Right, so, maybe new batteries in the transmitter will help? I tried that, and the answer is no. ...but here's the interesting part: When I set the transmitter to bind, the red light flashes slowly. When I turn on the receiver in binding mode, the transmitter light turns green for about a second, and then begins to alternate between red and green. (Approximately 1/2 second red, then 1/2 second green, etc..) At that point, everything is bound and will work normally with the light doing this indefinitely until I finally turn off the transmitter.

Somebody forgot to put the red/green transmitter LED code in the manual.

My internet search turned up one suggestion: The steering servo(s) might be faulty. Why this should affect the radio binding is beyond me. I tried unplugging BOTH servos and re-binding. Then just one servo, and re-bind. Then the other servo, and re-bind. Still no luck. I mean, it works fine after re-binding, but forgets the binding every time I turn off the transmitter. Unplugging the servos also has no affect on the alternating flashing light. Does "no servos" equate to "bad servos" as far as the alternating light is concerned, or does it indicate any number of other problems? ...or does it just mean it's lost its marbles?

One other buggy characteristic: Even though the red flashing light indicates that the transmitter is in binding mode, it won't bind unless I hold the set button when I turn it on. It flashes the exact same way, regardless. There ought to be a failure indicator light to indicate that the other indicator light has failed to indicate a failure...

So, that's my story. Anybody heard one like it before? How did it end? Did the protagonist shell out $$$ at the LHS? Did a Traxxas rep have the cure under his magic hat? Did a competing product oust the antagonist and save the day? I've been pretty impressed by the plastic stuff made by Traxxas, but this isn't the first time their electronics have disappointed me. Am I overlooking something, or did my radio meet an untimely demise? I swear I wasn't bashing the transmitter.