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    Traxxas Radio loses bind with Slash after a few minutes

    I have a son with a Traxxas Slash that we've been racing for some time without a single issue. Over the past few months we've been able to get some of the other neighborhood kids involved also with Slash's. All of them have a 2.4 ghz Traxxas radio with their trucks.

    So...we ended up getting all of the kids to a local indoor track and get them into a race. There were 8 of them. 4 ran qualifiers in one heat, 4 ran in another. During the qualifiers we had no issues at all. However, when we went to run the mains with all 8 trucks together (6 Slash's, 2 Associated)....2 of the Traxxas trucks would randomly lose the bind to the trucks.

    - All 8 trucks lined up on starting grid.
    - All about ready to start....
    - 2 of the Slash's lost radio connection.
    - Radio's had green lights.
    - Receivers had red light.
    - Would rebind, connections would restore.
    - Would lose connection again.
    - Took 1 of the 2 trucks out of the race
    - The other truck ran fine for most of the race, then lost connection again.

    Is this just a matter of too many Traxxas receivers/radios in the same place? I've been racing for several years and never seen anything like this happen. But, then again I have never had 6 identical trucks with same radios in a race at an indoor facility either.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I've replaced the batteries in the transmitter, but haven't been back to see if that would solve the problem. Trucks run great individually...

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    That's very strange. I've been to hobby shows where Traxxas was doing Slash demo drives and I can't recall any problems even though 6 or 8 vehicles were running at the same time. Then again, they were not all receiving the same command at the same time.
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