Yesterday we took our trucks bashing at the local school.
After re-fueling and starting Jesse's truck it was not receiving any control inputs, so I flipped the on-off switch on the trucks battery box which cured the problem.
About thirty minutes later, while on full throttle down a straight-away the truck lost control inputs again and continued full throttle head on into a concrete wall.
Anyone had that happen before? (Conditions were totally dry, no wet lawns etc.)
While we have about a half dozen broken parts to replace, I'm amazed at how well the truck came out of it.
If it weren't for the air filter housing having broken I would have fired it back up and run it some more!
Anyhow, couple questions.
Rear passenger side lower A-arm. In the parts exploded view (no pun intended) I think it's the "right rear" but not sure of the orientation. Is that correct?
Also, there is a piece I'm having trouble identifying. It could either be considered a frame brace or a shield...not sure.
It is what appears to be a brace that is located directly behind where the tie-rods are connected together and could protect that linkage from damage.
I located a part number of "5323" which sounds like it might be the correct part, but I can't locate the picture of it in the exploded view. Any Ideas?
I'm sure I'll have a few more questions when I get around to setting up the gear/lash with the new gear #3953, which got chewed up a bit while rubbing against the carb. intake as well as mashing into the gear on the engine flywheel
Clear as mud?
Thanks in advance for any help!