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    Will old Traxxas .15 engine fit in Revo?

    Hi, I just got a Revo roller, and I was wondering if my traxxas .15 pro I have lying around would fit into it.

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    You will have throttle linkage problems. Some fabrication will be needed for that and the exhaust.
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    As I've said before, with enough money anything will fit. The .15 has a rotary carb and a side exhaust so you'll need to figure a way to get them to work. In addition, I don't believe the footprint of the .15 is the same as the 2.5/3.3 so you may need to modify the mount.

    Simple answer: it will fit it is not a drop in without needing work.
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    Lot of work I have 2.5 with ez start for sale as got OS.21tm for roller I got have not got header for it so dont no if runs but plenty of compression!

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