Well I have decided to bring new life to my GT8 converted slash 4x4. I got bored of the Castle 2400kv setup and decided to step it up.

Past mods consist of:
SSC Lcg chassis conversion - Running strong for over a year!
Tekno CV's with protrac dogbones and 17mm adapters.
Tekno center driveshaft.
Lunsford titanium turnbuckles and hinge pins.
Hitec 985mg servo
Proline protrac control arms.
Spektrum Dx3s and sr3000 radio setup.
Protoform GT8 body
Sweep Racing 50shore EXP wheel and tire combo
Traxxas GTR shocks from Revo
Castle MMP
Castle 2400kv 550 motor
Trakpower 4s 60c 5600mah

New mods:
Tekin Rx8 Robbed from my Scte
Castle 2200kv motor from ERevo
Traxxas Rally front bumper
Revo spec heavy duty slipper assembly
Trakpower 6s 60c 3400mah
Revo 36 tooth mod1 spur
Spektrum SR3300T RX with Telemetry
Traxxas XO1 29T and 34T pinions.

Pic of old setup.

New setup

First thing I have to do is dremel out the motor mount so the new 1/8 motor can sit flat. Also I need to get a bigger foam bumper to bolt in. The stock rally foam doesn't even come close to the front of the Gt8 body. Also need to drill new holes in front of body so it can rest on new adjustable rally mounts. Tell me what you guys think and if any suggestions.