I went to my local track just a couple hours ago and there were 2 of the new LCG slash 4x4's there along with 4 other older slash 4x4's. Watching them go around the track I could only really tell a difference when the 2 would go around a corner. The LCG seems to take the corner more flat than the older style but not by much. From what I saw in the air I couldnt see a difference at all but I wasnt driving. After they got off the track I got to talking to a few of the guys and looking at the new chassis. I must say that the LCG slash doesnt have anywhere near the posted 2.83 inches of ground clearance. More like an inch or less. Both guys said the suspension was all stock and the ground clearance was that low. He said he took in his lawn and said it wasnt that good compared to the older slash which he has 3 of them. He said the new slash is really more for racing than bashing due to the low ground clearence. Just wanted to share that info with you guys. I ordered the new slash yesterday from the lhs where I was tonight and I ended up canceling the order for the new one and bought a 4x4 ultimate and brought that home. Just wanted to share my thoughts and opnions on the new slash thanks.