Hi, I have a Rustler, older model with the yellow xl5 esc. I managed to break my crystal on the 2019 receiver, then managed to break the receiver trying to get the pieces of the crystal out. I'm new and didn't quite know what I was doing. Anyway... since I have to replace, I now want to upgrade to the 2.4 transmitter/receiver, something found on ebay titled "TQi 2.4ghz 2ch RADIO SET-NO DOCK (TX#6513/RX#6518) Traxxas transmitter receiver". My question, is it as simple as unscrewing my 2019 receiver, unplugging the connections and replacing with the new receiver. Then plug the connections back in? What concerns me is the receiver in the 2.4 doesn't have the obvious tabs on the sides where the screws go, similar to how the 2019 looks. Or am I totally missing something.