So. My buddies came up with a ridiculous Idea but I think I will have the best chance.
His idea is a demolition derby for rc cars.
Rules are have to move on own power and if flipped over by another rc then game over. If you flip over on your own (turning) then your still in. 5-10 dollar buy in. No reinforcements only can buy bolt on parts.
I've been thinking about it and I know that I'm the only one that has a summit out of all of us and they mainly have 2x4 and 4x4 slashes and smaller.

It's been eating at me and i keep thinking that I may have a killer chance cuz of the electric lockers and size.
I was thinking of dropping it as low as possible stock wheels and tires motors and batteries. I also was thinking rpm bumper mounts and Tbr bumpers and a ARM skidds for protection. And a lot of duct tape on the corners and sides of the inside of the body. I also thought about a roll cage but I really dont want to spend a lot of money.

What do all of you think I can do to make it so that I can win.