Hi Guys!
New to Traxxas, new to the forums.
Bought my son a Slayer Pro 4x4 for his birthday, and figured I better get one for myself too!!
They just arrived this afternoon on UPS and we spent an hour or so reading through the manuals and getting things ready to go.
Once we had the batteries in the controllers and the cars we set the cars on the floor to check out the steering controls, and the pitman arm on my sons car fell off the steering servo!
On my car the arm linkage has a bolt through it that threads into the threads in the white plastic output shaft on the servo motor, which prevents the pitman arm from coming off (which would be a bad thing!)
I figured the guy who assembled Jesse's car just forgot to put a bolt in, but looking into the end of Jesse's servo output I couldn't see any threads. Soooo, I pulled the bolt out of mine to see if it would thread into his, and sure enough...no threads so it wouldn't go in.
No race gas fumes for us tonight!
I robbed one of the four bolts on what appears to be an inspection plate mounted on the chassis and am going to see if I can find a tap that small tomorrow. If not, I'm just going to get a cheapo self-tapping screw in there!
Anyhow, still way stoked on the cars and can't wait until tomorrow afternoon to get the engines broken in.
A couple of questions.... Are the new air filters really pre-oiled from the factory? Seems like maybe a thin film of some kind of oil is on them, but not sticky like the S.W.A.F.F oil I use on our dirtbikes. Wondering if I should just wash and oil them before running the engines?
Next question is how long do the batteries last in the quick start before needing a re-charge?
Last question; I just have this feeling that we're going to snap parts on this thing. "A" arms, tie-rods, shocks, etc.
Where's the best source for "THE" replacement upgrades? I'd like to get them here before we actually need them!!