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    Project: T-maxx to E-maxx RS (Rally Sport)

    My new project is taking my Tmaxx 3.3 and converting it to a 1/7th scale brushless emaxx off road rally car.

    The two major specs that i will be changing are wheel base and ground clearance. I will be extending the chassis about 1.5 to 3 inches (not sure yet) and lowering the center of gravity with a modified chassis giving it about a 2" ground clearance.

    once thats done, i will load it up with a Tekin Rx8 combo!

    the stock specs of my 4909 3.3 tmaxx is:
    - 12" wheel base
    - 4" ground clearance

    i will have to fab up a few parts to get it to work the way i want and i will also be converting the tranny to forward only.

    so far i removed the engine and electronics

    it has an RD logics aluminum chassis

    now, here is the fun part.
    so i was thinking of just reversing the chassis brace. move it to the top of the chassis and put the tranny on top of it like this. basically mounting the braces on the top side going up instead of on the lower side

    kind of like this. i know the top and bottom are different and do not match up, this is just an example of what i want.

    by doing this i can really lower the COG and still have decent clearance.

    i know that they make low COG chassis but i want the fun of making one myself, and i also havent seen one that gives me low COG and 2" longer...
    but i enjoy the technical part of doing it myself
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