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    T-Maxx Noob Question

    Hi, all I bought a used T-Maxx off of craigslist, and when I turn the batteries on and turn the wheel on the transimitter, the wheels don't turn. It seems that when the T-Maxx is standing still that when I try to turn them, they only move like 1mm. When it is off the ground, they turn all the way, but slowly (compared to my slash). I don't know if this is normal or if I need new batteries or something. Thanks in advance!

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    Definitely put all new batteries in everything, or charge it if you have a hump pack in the truck. From what you say, that's what it sounds like. Because there's not enough voltage in the batteries to turn the servo, it can only move a small amount with the added friction from the ground, but when you lift it up it goes slow. How slow? It should be able to go from full left, to full right almost immediately. Hope that helps.

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    If you dont already have one get a hump pack. It sunds for sure like your rx batteries are weak.

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    Stock servos on an older TMAXX will not turn the tires easily side to side if the truck is setting still... But ALWAYS, use fresh batteries... If it's used and you are recharging the batts, you might want to try cycling them a few times... Charge and drain, Charge and drain... That may wake them up sometimes... IF you have the newer chargers they have a power cycling feature...
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