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    I know it goes on wet, but I don't know afterwards. I will check the LHS tomorrow for dry lube though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zepher View Post
    This is what my manual says,
    "6. Spray all the bearings, drivetrain, and fasteners with WD-40 or similar water-displacing light oil"
    WD-40 is a better hair product than it is a lubricant. You want to know what lubricant to put on your bearings? Bearing grease. There are threads on bearing care in this forum. I don't have any advice on those squeaky ball joints besides put the WD-40 down. If you filled a bearing with grease, and then sprayed it with WD-40, it would flush out the grease and leave your bearing with a very thin film of "light lubricant", which would destroy your bearing if you ran like that. By drivetrain that might mean anything from the axle studs & pins to the gears inside the tranny. WD-40 would destroy the transmission, and the pins & axle studs. As for fasteners, I don't know of any fasteners on my summit so I can't help ya there...

    You want a lubricant that doesn't get dirt stuck to it. like Silicone lube or graphite.
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