im getting a emaxx 3903 in a few weeks and saw i have 1 1/2 vxl systems laying around. what i mean by 1 and a half is one of the systems have a blown esc but thats cheap threw traxxas. but anyways i was thinking i could put a single vxl system and gear i down some and run 3s for a little more punch and speed. would it just overheat? should i just buy a new esc and run dual vxl systems with a y-harness? i know dual will work but i would really like to only use one and save my $ but idk if it has the power even geared down. i am on a budget so dont sugjest a mamba monster or tekin or anything like that. just want more speed and acceleration than stock without throwing 7004 on the table for a E-MAXX BL edition. 500$ tops. what do yall think? are there any more options?