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    market place.....

    you know since the first time i tried to sell something on the market place i've had trouble..... always something..... first it was my chassis's i tried to sell with the image on the bottom.... now i cant sell traxxas rims with a different brand of tire on them...... never seen that in the rules...... ???????????
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    Well this is the Traxxas forums so it makes sense. there is plenty of RC forums around with market places. Try them. I know URC has one and rcsparks but you need to be an elite member there.
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    Non-Traxxas parts are not allowed to be bought/sold/traded without accompanying a vehicle or roller. That is indeed in the Rules.

    . The only non-Traxxas products that are allowed for dealing are the products that come with, and will be used with the Traxxas R/C, or full roller in the dealing. Just because it's made for a Traxxas R/C, does not mean it can be sold, traded, or requested in the MP. This means that you can sell your RPM arms with the truck but you cannot sell them in a thread of their own.

    This is not a vehicle-specific thread. If you have questions regarding rules, feel free to PM a marshal.
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