I just opened my new Summit as a complete newbie. It is the 5607L which came with two 5000 mah batteries. I bought an EZ Peak Plus to charge faster than stock wall chargers. I also bought the dual battery module. The problem I'm running into is that I am not an electrical engineer and the instructions are very difficult for me to understand. For example, how many amps do you set the charger to when charging. Is it the same for 2 batteries at once? What about the discharge feature? Can I use the discharge feature? If so, what are the proper settings? Is it okay to use the fast charge? Will the balance charge as fast as fast charge if I crank up the amps? (To 5, I think?). The instructions that came with the charger are vague or incomplete when it comes to these questions.

Anyway, if there's somewhere someone can point me for a layman's set of instructions it would be much appreciated.