So, i bought my brushless e-revo second hand, and the previous installer had installed the steel CVDs. I'm currently replacing the steering blocks and so I was cleaning up the CVDs at the same time.
The front two CVD's came off and went back on again without much hassle. But on the back two, the red anodised ring (sleeve?) isn't moving independently of the actual driveshaft. I wanted to check that this is not right?

1. I'm pretty sure its not right since the front ones were not stuck, but given both the back ones are stuck it seemed worth checking. Am I right in thinking the red sleeves should rotate on the driveshaft?

2. Also, in the process of getting the back left red sleeve unstuck, i did a bit of damage to it externally (ripped it up a bit). Is this likely to cause damage to the steering block if I put it back on?

Thanks for any and all advice!