Please note, this is NOT a part out thread... these are simply the parts i had left over from building my daughters personal mini summit/digger. I have only one of each item. These are what I removed from the truck to replace with different parts.

Traxxas Grave Digger Backpack: $35 shipped
For some reason the pic of this that I uploaded sized itself SUPER big... its the grave digger back pack though. Its still in the plastic.

1/16 Grave Digger body: $30 shipped

1/16 Grave Digger front and rear bumpers, Green: $12 shipped

1/16 Grave Digger wheels/tires: $30 shipped

EVX 2.5 waterproof brushed ESC: $25 shipped

Titan 12t motor: $18 shipped

TQ 2ch AM Radio: $20 shipped

These parts are all brand new. I bought the truck for my daughter because the 1/16 2X4 grave digger was teh cheapest traxxas truck i could find and my wife wasnt really cool with the idea of me spending money on an RC for a kid who isnt even 2 yet. Problem is, Cali is afraid of the grave digger stickers, so ive swapped parts on the truck with more girly stuff. Upgraded the radio, ive installed an XL5 with LVD and an S-600 motor. Did all this when the truck was brand new. Which is why I have these parts laying around.

Ill make a deal on multiple parts if you want more than one thing.

Paypal only, thanks for looking.