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    Traxxas Upgrade Program

    Well, I was just looking into trading in my electronics (motor/esc) from the E-Maxx I just bought and on it's way. Only to read at the bottom " only available for US customers ". You're kidding right? That kind of makes me mad, Why? You guys should really change that, I mean, not like the prices are much better if anything I could probably get it cheaper if I sold my electronics from my E-Maxx and bought the combo elsewhere but I like to give Traxxas my business. What's the reason behind this, we are paying customers to just like the USA, if you don't offer the same products and benefits to us then why sell them in Canada lol?

    Not happy at all when I read that, only time I have been unhappy with Traxxas to be honest, well and the whole QR-1 Deal (what a joke, look at the forum, they should rename it Qr-1 " Support " Forums).

    /end rant
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