First things first, I LOVE this charger, it makes charging my NiMH (waiting 'til I have better funds to switch to LiPo) a heckuva lot less of an ordeal than the stock trickle chargers! I have a query, though; from what I've read on here and other forums via Googling about this particular charger, the usual charge time for NiMH is forty-five minutes. Mine, on average, take fifty-five minutes (3000mAh Stampede) to about an hour and five minutes (4200? mAh Slash) to fully charge. Is this something to be concerned about? Perhaps I'm just running the batteries a tad too long (limping it home from the school parking lot a half a block away when it's slowing down)?

Either way, this is still a fantastic device and I'm happy to have it as a part of my budding RC collection!