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Thread: chassis dying

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    chassis dying

    does anybody know what mix of dye to use?? i want it to be pure jet black, but i noticed that in some peoples pictures and vids that it looks navy blue. how much water per packet??? thanks in advance!

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    It seems like older plastic doesn't take the dye as well as new plastic. I've dyed old chassis and new chassis with the same dye and the new one is black and the old one bluish. Just use enough water to cover your parts. I use liquid rit dye (entire bottle) found at any walmart in the laundry soap section. Boil the water. Add the dye once boiling, then remover feom heat and add your parts. Let sit for a half hour or so. That's what works for me. This is the metod davyjones locker told me about.
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    Use dye rite and dont be shy with it put the chassis in just before it boils and leave it in there till its gone cold then dry it off and you should be good to make sure the chassis is clean before you start.....peace
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    If you have stock shocks and don't mind tearing them down, dye the shock bodies while you're doing the chassis. As said, clean the parts very well before dying.

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