So.... I'll start with the issue. I plugged in the factory battery. The directions said it needed 8 hours to charge. The light turned green in about 4.

I did put the higher gear in it... because I was driving up and down the street, not in the dirt or grass.

I took it out.... drove it around for 10-12 minutes, and within a 60 second period, it declined in speed to almost nothing. I thought perhaps it didn't charge fully? Is 10-12 minutes all I should expect on the factory battery?

Brought it back inside, and both the motor and the battery pack were pretty darn hot. I don't know the exact temperature. I could touch them.... but I couldn't hold my hand on them for more than 3-4 seconds.... the battery or the motor.

The red light was on on the speed controller. Does that mean I overheated it? Or are temps like this perfectly normal after a run?

Should I wait until the battery cools to put it back on the charger?

I'm hoping this is normal.... but admittedly, I'm worried.

I hate to open up a brand new rally with a story like that.... but anyway.... it's here. I absolutely love it. I was AMAZED at how quick it is with the factory battery. I can't even imagine the 3s Lipo that is coming in next week.

I'm not a "flashy" type person, so I didn't use many of the stickers. I removed the big one because the car seems like a rolling traxxis commercial, and I relocated the "rally" sticker to a place I felt looked more appropriate.

I was PLEASANTLY surprised to see the blue traxxis aluminum driveshaft. I thought that was an aftermarket part that had to be purchased. I was also happy to see the higher pinion gear included in the box... that was an unexpected surprise as well.

A little uneasy... but VERY happy