My friend is talkin MUCH SMACK about how his summit can pull my erbe all over the place in a tug of war contest. I got his friends all up in my grill bragging about how much torque, traction, power yadda yadda yadda his truck has over my ERBE.

Well after a while we came up with the bright idea that we will have a TUG OF WAR with our rigs. Now I know what the summit can do, I have one my self but I want to stack the deck in my favor, so I have installed a 14t pinion and also I changed the spring rate and shock oil so it is stiffer. He did tell me that I have to run the stock tires and I could not have any chains on the tires, and he would be doing the same we will also be running 2x 7500 2s LIPO. Now my question to you guys is what else should I do so I could increase my chances of winning, because there is alot of bragging at risk and I want to be the one doing it.

I'm limited to running stock tires and 4s lipos and need any suggestion you can give me.