I've been in this hobby for years now and thought this thread could help someone looking to buy a traxxas truck for the first time. The trucks I will be discussing will be the rustler, the slash, the slayer and the e revo. I'm posting them up in the order I would rank them from one to four. The first one being my favorite.
Here's my rustler

I like the rustler over all my other trucks because its as fast as the e revo and almost as durable as the slayer. Such a fun truck. Can bash this thing in snow and mud and launch it off anything.
Comming in second would have to be the slayer

This was my first rc and taught me so much about the hobby. 2013 will be the fouth year running this rc and the only mods I've had to do were a new set of tires, metal 14mm hexes, slayer pro aarms, a glow plug here and there, and rpm steering knuckles. This truck flies and is tough as a tank.
Comming in third is the slash

I've put so much money into this truck over the past two years I can't belive it. So many times I've said I'm going to sell it but id take such a loss on it I just keep it. And yet I continue to mod it. Smh
Comming in last is the e revo

This may come as a suprise to some but this thing has just been a pain. So much money to buy and then so many mods just to keep it from breaking every run.
Anyone have any questions about either truck feel free to ask.

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