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    2.5 transmission upgrade.

    I have 2.5 tmaxx with a picco .26 reddot max engine. The transmission is absolutely stock. It just got rebuilt after the engine was broken in. I don't think this transmission is gonna hold up to this engine. What would be my best option for upgrading it. I'm wanting something much more reliable.

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    Drop a FOC into it & do the slipper upgrade & you should be good.

    If you really want a different trany you can get a 4908/07 & #5195 FOC, #5164 brake disc & #4966X to make it drop in for your short chassis.

    You will find you will need to upgrade the center shafts, either with CVD's, Dog Bones, or the 3.3 centers.
    How Too for the 3.3 centers.
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