Hi Forum!

Ive been a proud owner of a Summit 1/8 now for almost 1 week! After two days I converted the Summit to Brushless. (Mamber Monster ESC and Robitronic Razer 7T-2150kv motor "RPM possible 31820 Stock would be 16789 with 4s") I run on 4S 14.8 volts and stock gears and I am very Happy with the upgrade. The Summit performs Perfectly.

So to my point,

1. Who has also converted to Brushless and what problems if any have you had with the increase in power.
2. What mods have you done to rectify the problem of more power.
3. Anyone waterproofed there Mamber Monster with Plasti Tape stuff and does it work.
4. What can I look out for with with Summit "Problems"

Anyway, Great Forum and till next time.