hi, i have two revos one with a after market engine.

however just bought a new one for my son.

we broke in the engine and it was good then randomly during the tanks the idle speed would just become inconsistant die randomly and get hot.

i richen both needles and still the same result.

we have now completed 6 tanks but during 6 tank it was even worse. dieing, idling high, getting hot, could lower the idle to bring it down and it would just act like idle was too low.

my HSN is over 6 turns out and revs high very quick(stock rich is ment to be 4 turns out)

and lsn is 1 turn OUT from flush, no loading up due to excessive richness of lsn just drops in idle then raises like a lean hsn.

any ideas... no wonder i changed my original engine to an after market. they obvously havnt got any better over the last 2 years.