I've looked into downgrading to the 2.5 and plenty of people are saying it would still have plenty of power because the Slayer is practically the Revo 2.5 chassis (I can tell!).

But there's a few questions I have about doing so...

1) Is the crankshaft on the 2.5 the same as the 3.3, and will it accept the clutch no problem?

2) Should I use the air intake that came with the Slayer, or the stock one on the 2.5?

3) Any engine mounting mods need to be done?

4) What about the exhaust? Use the Resonator or the black plastic muffler from my retired Rustler?

I'm using Byron 30% fuel but will probably downgrade that as well. I'm honestly that huge of gung-ho racer as much I am just a back yard burner. Thanks in advance for any answers!