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    I picked up this 302 Mustang Boss Cheap on Craigslist With all intentions of making it a summit in the beginning All it said was it was not working And had no charger but as cheap as I got it I did not ask questions and sent my wife to pick it up. When she got there it was a kid and his mom. When she got home I could not believe it. The pic will show what i found that's why I'm saying a rebuild not just converting it

    1st off it had 2 different servos in it

    Then after looking at it closely I got the big shocker every metal moving joint on the rc looked like this

    It looks like red lock tight to me

    Well after I noticed that I decided that every piece will come apart front and rear differentials look good but the transmission was a different story

    After taking it all apart i Scrubs all the parts with dish soap and a toothbrush
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