hi all i have a few qwestioins about the new slash i just bought. my slash is stock and still has the 12t motor.
ok my car has the stock gears in it and it runs ok to me but it came with a diff set of gears it came with a 23 pinion and an 86tooth big gear. if i instal the diff gears will i notice a change in the car? i have no idea what the stock gears are.i run in the drit grass and pavement.if i install the new gears will i still be able run in the grass and dirt or will it be strickly street after the change?i read somewere that the other gears it came with are the stock gears for the 4x4s and if so couldnt i run the same gears as the 4x4 with no problems? i really dont wanto change anything untill i know what im doing so any help would be nice thanks.