I had from all most one year the gymkana 1/16 . It was my first car so there was a lot of scratches and cracks in the body. I say'd i need to change it. I order one .... but i have to wait 3 weeks because in Romania we don't have the clear body ford fiesta... so i try'd to do some makeovers.

I chose Valentino Rossi - Ford fiesta.

I rap in black matte vinyl sticker and hand cut all the details. Because i hade some led's for head and tail lights i had to cut the whole head light and tail light. I build some light buckets.

80% of the car is done. I need to repair some vinyl sticker and i need to finish the details of the light. On the tail light i will put some transparent red vinyl sticker and some stickers with Monster Energy logo.

Until now is looking like this. I know i have many issues but ...the new body it will be paint the same.


The tail light buckets are made with 3 compartiments like the real ones, for Brake, reverse and warning lights.


I'm sorry for my typing mistakes. Many smiles