i am looking for some parts for my os18tm

i wish i could buy a new its a great motor

mine still has lots of life in it but the cooling head is in tuff shape and a couple of years ago i cut the pin off of the crank and only used it on the starter box

now i want to use a pull start again

any ideas were ti find parts or anyone have a old one kickin around i could use for parts ?

i would just by the os21tm but at 270 i dont really like the price

other idea is a new 3.3 it can be had for not much over $100 with a pull start on it

+ lol i got a picco .26 that i did a bunch of mods to its in great shape but same thing its been swaped over to starter box only

my rd logics starter box does not work any more is why i am not using it having a hard time finding parts for that to i am not shure if its the first one or the ll

anone use the ofna t start ?